Who we Are


Our company first started its commercial life in 1976 in the district of Karamürsel / Kocaeli in machine design and manufacturing activities. After more than 2 years of work in machinery manufacturing, it has started to serve industrial factories with bids from environmental companies. The first of these bids came from Sümerbank Mannesman factory, and large-scale steel construction works were carried out in the factory of the company in Izmit. In the early 1980s belonging to the Dinçkök group, located in Yalova Taşköprü Aksa Inc. , Akkim A.Ş. , Akal A.Ş. Our company, which started to serve its factories, has continued its services by breaking grounds especially in the activities carried out and continues to do not. Our activities in the Dinçkök group, which we started to serve in the early 1980s, continue with an increasing and rising profile with our rich machine park and adult quality personnel. Our company, which has continued to grow by adding new ones to its wide range of customers since the beginning of the 1990s, has added to the customer portfolio of the companies in its sector, has made great investments with these companies and successfully delivered its works. The work done and references are also detailed in the appendix section. Our company, which has decided to grow with the knowledge and experience of the past since the beginning of 1994, enriched its machine park and purchased 10 cranes of various capacities in a short time, which we can call the crane fleet in the new formation, and supported all its activities.

Our Mission

Our most important mission is to provide the necessary professional support in your projects in order to make the technological progress that changes every day for you, our customers, and to realize the necessary innovation activities in the production facilities of our country and our customers in accordance with the world standards. In order to serve this task, we have taken our mission to produce innovative activities by investing in our equipment and trained manpower every day, by carrying out our R & D activities.

Our vision

To invest in the future in a way that we can switch to Industry 4.0, and to take firm steps towards the future in order to present all the gains we have achieved to the service of our valued customers in an easy and different way.

Our Fields of Activity

Carbon, Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturing and Installation.

Crane and Lowbed Services.

Technological Piping and Equipment Manufacturing and Installation.

Steel Construction Manufacturing and Installation.

Equipment Manufacturing and Installation for Industrial Facilities.

Pressure Vessel Manufacturing.

Supply of personnel for Industrial Facilities Repair, Maintenance and Start-Up.

Machine Manufacture.

Various CNC Works.

Heat Exchanger Design, Design Calculation, Manufacturing.

Reactor Design, Design Calculation, Manufacturing.

Field Tanks.







Our Certificates

Our Principles

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

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